Hand Built Steel and Titanium American Made Bicycles

Crossover and Touring Bicycles

We have designed 2 bikes in what we call a "specialty" line-up.

1. A Road / Cross / Single Speed / Fixie / race-abled "crossover bike" called the KYTCHUNSYNC

This could be (or is) the best thought out bike ever made, and can cover 5 disciplines with one bike, with 4 centimeters of wheelbase adjust-ability!

2. Custom Touring Bike called the RANDO

Maybe the best thought out touring bike ever! Same technology as the Kytchunsync

These 3 distinct models cover a wide range of riding disciplines.
Why have one bike for each style of riding, we thought?
Why can't one bike cover more than just one function?
READ HEAR to see our design and technology

Contact: info@liebobicycles.com